Dr. Shawn Hales

Clinical Focus: Young Adult Professional Men

“Dr. Hales is an excellent practitioner. He helped my niece identify much needed mental health support during the heart of the pandemic. Dr. Hales is kind, supportive, an excellent listener, and does whatever he can to support his clients. I would recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone is need of psychological services.

– J.M.


Anxiety | Career Coaching | Emotional Management | Challenge Identification


Ph.D. Clinical Psychology – Biola University

Certified Clinician Anxiety Treatment Professional

Certified Virtual Reality Therapy

A Message From Shawn

You may be a young person or a man looking for personal consulting or mentoring. Maybe your life is a mess and you’ve decided a deep assessment of how you are “wired” could significantly add value and impact your world.

I specialize in helping men uncover life values, natural abilities, career direction, or personal style and designing a personalized path for you to get where you must go. If you are ready to finally uncover your life direction, natural focus, career match and/or more deeply connected purpose, contact me.

How Parents Can Recognize Signs Of Anxiety & Depression In Their Children

Children can experience the behaviors of anxiety or depression just like adults. Mood disorders in children can impact their motivation, decision making, and self esteem. As you can imagine, if a student is indecisive or lacking energy, their capacity to be a good student is strongly impacted. If you need extra support to determine whether your child is suffering emotionally, then Pivot Child Psychological Services can provide a psychological evaluation, counseling, and medication management.

3 Parenting Tips To Identify A Potential Learning Disability In Your Child

When it comes to understanding how a learning disability affects children, many parents want to ensure their child has all the resources they need to succeed. As I said, when it comes to discovering if your child has a learning disability, parents have to be detectives. A lot of it comes down to parents being curious, observing, and asking questions. At Pivot Child Psychological Services we specialize in helping families be proactive in getting an individualized evaluation of their child’s strengths and weaknesses. We provide objective clarity around their child’s potential learning disabilities.

“I highly recommend Dr. Shawn Hales. He is extremely caring and a great listener. He is insightful and guides people through difficult circumstances with understanding and wisdom.”