Paul J. Johnson

Clinical Focus: Child & Adolescents

“Paul J is a gem! His soft spoken, steady manner is invaluable in times of concern or crisis. Paul has many strategies to offer which give hope and direction. He sees the whole picture, and is a real advocate for families!”

– L.H.


ADHD | Childhood and Adolescent Emotional Disorders | Trauma Informed Practices | Navigating IEPs and 504s | Psychoeducational Testing | Parenting and Behavior Management Strategies



Years of Experience: 22 years in local school systems

School: Towson University

Year: 2000, Graduate Student of the Year

A Message From Paul

Children, adolescents, and young adults are facing a world that is forcing them to come to terms with life at a faster and faster pace.  I know this because of my profession and as a current proud father of three adolescent children myself.  Growing up and navigating challenging experiences is something we all have in common.  We all desire to find meaning, love, acceptance and know that we have value.  I believe every child, adolescent, and adult has inherent value and the potential to find an abundant life full of hope, peace, and joy.

Navigating the IEP Process: Tips and Insights for Parents

For many parents, the journey of advocating for their child’s unique learning needs begins with the Individualized Education Program, or IEP. An IEP outlines a student’s strengths, weaknesses, goals, and specific accommodations required for their academic success.

In this article, I’ll show you how to navigate the IEP process so you can become a powerful advocate for your child.

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3 Ways a Pivot Practitioner Can Help You Advocate for Your Child in School

Building partnerships with school professionals and advocacy by parents is crucial for children to succeed in school. It can get especially bumpy trying to navigate the complexities of the school system while advocating for your child’s social, emotional, and academic development.

Here, I provide 3 ways that I can help you advocate for your child when you meet with the IEP team.

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“Paul Johnson is passionate about helping children and adolescents discover who they are, how special and unique they are, and how capable they are of overcoming their individual challenges. 

He uses creative ways to connect with each child, whether through art, or play, or doing an activity the child enjoys. His experience as a child psychologist in the school systems, along with being a dad himself, give him a valuable perspective in the counseling office.”

– K.T.